What we do

Medical Exercise Academy is a learning platform for Fitness and Health professionals to learn about the benefits of, and possibilities with clinical exercise, with the objective of implementing training programs for those who want to improve their health and well-being at any level of prevention, and at any stage of progression to include function, health, fitness, and performance.

Why is this important?

Over the past few decades, the population of the United States, and other industrialized nations, has been sitting more, moving less; consequently, the incidence of many chronic conditions to include type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, orthopedic issues, and metabolic syndrome have dramatically increased, and unfortunately, the rise in chronic disease has been mostly ignored. Not one sector of healthcare is trying to address it. Not physicians, not public or population health departments, not health or educational institutions?

Who is this for?

The Medical Exercise Specialist course is for health, fitness, and exercise professionals who want to be, or are on the front line of healthcare by aiding in the management and prevention of chronic disease. Exercise and physical activity can positively affect over 30 chronic conditions, making it the number one deterrent of chronic disease in primary and secondary prevention. Accordingly, fitness professionals trained in program design and management, who have knowledge of chronic disease, and in collaboration with clinicians, are in a prime position to help clients and patients ease the burden of chronic disease. By educating fitness professionals in chronic disease management, many conditions may be alleviated in the primary care stage, when they can be reversed. The succinct content combined with the easy-to-use tables and figures in this guide will benefit anyone who wants to learn more about the effects of exercise on over 35 chronic conditions.

Medical Exercise Academy courses were developed with three goals in mind:

1. To provide continuing education opportunities to anyone who wants to learn more about exercise and chronic disease. 2. To provide a credible path for fitness professionals who want to collaborate with other health care providers. 3. Develop succinct programs that are easy to navigate, with videos, text, and application exercises that are relevant to any trainer regardless of their setting or available equipment.

The benefit to you

(1) Be on the front line of healthcare by aiding in the management and prevention of chronic disease. (2) Expand your scope of practice to the largest, fastest growing demographic in the United States. (3) Gain credibility and network with other healthcare providers. (4) Position yourself as an essential part of the healthcare and business community. (5) Earn valuable continuing education credits. (6) Increase your income by expanding service offerings.

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Clinical Exercise: What is it & why is it needed? Where are we today as far as health and wellness, the healthcare continuum, interprofessional collaboration, and how a Clinical Exercise Specialist (CSX) fits in?

An in-depth and timely reference

"Today's fitness professional is often too busy helping their clients to keep up with the latest medical guidance that can greatly improve their clients' results ‐‐ and protect their clients from unintended harm. But now they have a reference they can turn to for an in‐depth and up‐to‐date review of how chronic disease impacts exercise prescription, program design, and session training delivery. I am so glad that my friend and colleague Dr. Dan Mikeska has shared his doctoral research in this important missing link in the divide between healthcare and prevention..." by by Dr. Suzie Carmack, Asst. Professor of Global and Community Health at George Mason University & CEO of YogaMedC

A treasure trove of resources

"Dan Mikeska’s Clinical Exercise Specialist is a treasure trove of resources to assess and develop medical exercise programs that prevent and remediate minor pains to chronic issues. These approaches are effective. I know, because Dan helped correct dysfunctional patterns that had caused me—cumulatively over decades—serious physical problems and mobility limitations. Written by a masterful teacher, this is a “must have” for fitness and clinical professionals who guide others to wellness through medical exercise." by Richard D. Downie, Ph.D

This course will help my career

"I currently work at a gym facility and I have experience working in a physical therapy center as a trainer. I worked with pre- and post-rehab clients in both settings and this course will help me further in my career. I was able to learn in depth about what clients and patients may be struggling with when it comes to their injuries and surgeries." by Amanda S.

Dr. Dan Mikeska is a student of his profession, and for almost 25 years, he has offered his experience and extensive education to clients who are serious about achieving results.

Dr. Dan Mikeska
Dan’s mission is to improve population health and to increase the quality of life by connecting education, medicine, and fitness. This goal can be achieved by providing an educational pathway for fitness professionals who want to become respected members of the healthcare community, prompting clinicians to prescribe exercise, and encouraging patients to enlist the services of a qualified fitness professional.

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